1970 Dodge Crewcab 12V Conversion

My husband's truck was in 8-Lug Magazine (December 2013 Issue) and my name is at the top of the article! ...I'm famous! Okay, not really but it's a first for me so I am excited about it. Most of the photos in 8-Lug Magazine were photographed by Bob Carpenter but he did use three of my photos. I also wrote the story! I hope you are able to find the magazine for your own collection.

Brian's truck in 8-Lug Magazine, December 2013:

Brian's truck was purchased in 2003 and hauled to Indiana from San Bernardino, Ca. At one time it belonged to the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department and was also once owned by someone at Norton's Air Force Base. We tried to find some history and old photographs on the truck but so far have been unsuccessful. Since 2003 Brian has tinkered with restoration but most of his dedication started in 2010. He heavily modified the truck and converted it to house a 12V Cummins.

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