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March 23, 2021 - Excitement Overload!

When I saw the contractors finally breaking ground for J Wellman Designs it's been all I can do to sleep. My mind has been racing about where I'm going to place things, how I'm going to decorate, wondering when my move in date will be... I'm just so excited! The contractors have been so fast. They've made this the easiest build ever. 

We had been discussing a studio for three years now. We remodeled our house in 2017 and now have

an open concept kitchen and dining room, which is beautiful but unfortunately we also eliminated my work space. I've spent the last three years relying on the great outdoors for photographs, which has been okay but things get difficult when Mother Nature does not cooperate.

To rent a studio or build our own was the dilemma we were tossing around. Having paid $800/month in rent with a previous business, we weren't really keen on getting into that situation again. 

We started looking at prefabricated buildings that are assembled on site. We finally found a location close to us and had determined the size, the colors, and even had the blue prints drawn up for a 14x28 building. We were just about to pull the trigger when my husband said, "I would really like to get a construction bid before we decide on the pre-fab."

Four weeks and two contractors later...we found someone to give us a lower cost!

Since we were now constructing from the ground up, I wanted to increase the width from 14 feet to 16 feet...(or even 18 feet!) but due to cost it was just not feasible. I also wanted the building to be well lit with natural light. I once read that the best studios are the ones that take advantage of North & East light so I wanted those sides to be nothing but windows. I also wanted the windows close to the floor so that a toddler would be able to stand at the window and look out without assistance. I also reserved one side with no windows so I would have an area to place backdrops if I wanted.

Upstairs is where my office will be located. As some of you may know, I do a lot of web work and also Treasurer assignments so having a nice office is just a plus to this studio. I simply cannot wait to have my own office, a coffee bar, and a crafting area! This is She-Shed overload!

I have no projection date as to when I will be up and running - we are just happy to see the outside almost finished but we still tons of work to do! Stay tuned for more progress...

Have a peak inside!

The bottom floor will be my studio and upstairs will be my office.

Stay tuned for post #2 - April's Progress 

(Coming later this week) 

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Monday, 20 September 2021

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