Bishop's Castle, Rye, Co.


An hour and a half from Colorado Springs in Rye, Colorado you will find the creaky, wobbly and continually growing Bishop's Castle.

Sixty years ago Jim Bishop started construction on a cottage that was intended to be a mountain get-away for his family. The more his project grew the more his neighbors asked if he was building a castle. It wasn't his original intention but after hearing the word castle so many times he finally decided to do just that!

The stone and iron work is incredible and to learn that Jim built the castle completely by himself was mind boggling and with no blue prints!

As the years passed more and more visitors were drawn to the castle but Jim did not want to charge them for their visits. Instead he opted for a donation box which helped him to finance projects that he otherwise wouldn't have been able to do.

Today the castle reaches approximately 16 stories high.

To read more about Bishop's Castle find their website here.

Bishop Castle in Rye, Colorado

Orcas Island, Washington
South Dakota


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Monday, 20 September 2021

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