Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona

Ninety miles outside of Phoenix, high atop Cleopatra Hill (5,200 feet to be exact) is where you will find the quaint town of Jerome. A population of 450 is a far cry from Jerome in the 1800's. At its peak Jerome was home to over 15,000 people. The old copper mining town is still active and is now a tourist magnet, especially for photographers.

Many of the buildings, that have not been ruined by fire or landslides, still remain. Most are now home to artists, restaurants, and B&B's. The architecture itself is reason for a photographer to visit.

Just outside of town is the "Gold King Mine" once owned by Don Robertson who passed away in 2016, his legacy continues with daily tours. If you go expecting to see a mine, be prepared for much more than that. 

Don was a master mechanic. If it had a motor, more than likely he owned it. His passion was with vintage transportation of all kinds and the Gold King Mine is full of everything he held dear in life. If you love rusty, crusty, automobiles and diesel everything, you can't miss this place. 

See their website for tour hours.

Shopkeeper uses chalk to mark the entrance to her store

The view from Jerome, Arizona

Buildings in Jerome

The old brothel located in the back alley of town

The "Gold King Mine" 

Lake Pleasant, Az.
Crescent Moon Creek Walk, Sedona, AZ


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